About SignalFlex

SignalFlex helps you make full use of your machine data with a unified solution to collect, transform and forward your observability data to any tools of your choice.

Why should I use SignalFlex?

  • Reduce cost.
    • SignalFlex helps you move log processing out of application server so there are more resources dedicated to your app.
    • SignalFlex helps you reduce log volume. Only send useful logs to log analytics tools to reduce storage cost.
    • SignalFlex helps you save money on log indexing services. Archive these logs and only index them when you need.
  • Reduce operational overhead. No need to deploy and manage lambda or scripts to sync log data between different services.
  • Vendor agnostic. SignalFlex can forward your data to various observability tools of your choice, so you won't be locked in to specific vendor. You are free to evaluate and try out new tools that better suits your observability strategy.
  • Easy data collection. No need to install many agents on your server or box. Use our API to collect once.
  • At least once guarantee. No data will be lost, you are guaranteed to see your data in destinations.
  • Make your data understandable and secure.
    • SignalFlex provides built-in functions to parse and transform your data, so that you can easily make sense of them.
    • You can also redact, obfuscate, or encrypt sensitive fields before they are sent to storage or 3rd party tools.
  • Intuitive UI. There is no need to write and maintain complex configuration files on your server and container. SignalFlex provides clean and intuitive UI experience for you to configure data collection and transform logic.
Last modified 2yr ago