SignalFlex provides built-in functions that you can use to build transform. If these functions are not enough, you can also write customized Javascript functions to transform event data.

Field Path Notation

When configuring transform function, you'll notice that certain options take field paths as values. In order to reference nested, or array, values you can use SignalFlex's field path notation. Simply uses . and [<index>] to access nested and array values, respectively.
For this example let's use the following log event:
"timestamp": "2020-07-30T01:22:23.223Z",
"message": "Signalflex example",
"level": "INFO",
"metadata": {
"container_id": "err4rf4f",
"tags": ["tag1: value1", "tag2: value1"]
We can access the values like so:
  • "level" - Accesses the root level level field.
  • "metadata.container_" - Accesses the child container_id field.
  • "metadata.tags[0]" - Accesses the first value in the tags field inside metadata.

Supported Function:

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